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First Aid Course

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 6 hour course First Aid trained personnel in the workplace is a requirement of Health & Safety regulations. Learners who pass the Emergency First Aid at Work course can act as First Aiders, dependent upon the individual type of business and completed First Aid risk assessment. First Aiders can then act to prevent situations becoming worse and can reduce potential sick leave through prompt emergency action. They will also be able to use provided first aid box equipment with confidence. Aims of the First Aid (EFAW) course: To enable learners/candidates to have the confidence, get the appropriate emergency medical help and give safe, prompt & effective First Aid to a casualty in the workplace following an injury or illness using materials to hand, or any Health and Safety approved first aid equipment. Objectives of the (EFAW) course: On successful completion of the EFAW course, each candidate will be able to demonstrate that they are able to, act safely, promptly and effectively with emergencies at work, use first aid equipment provided by the employer, including the contents of a first aid box. Understand the duties of employers and the legal framework, maintain simple factual records on what they have done regarding any treatment or management of an emergency, recognise the importance of maintaining personal hygiene in first aid procedures.They will also be able to deal with a casualty who requires Basic Life Support CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, is unconscious, is bleeding or wounded, is suffering from shock is suffering from an injury to bones, muscles or joints, has been burned or scalded, has an eye injury, has been overcome by gas, fumes, other poisons or harmful substances, recognise major illnesses and take the appropriate action, recognise minor illnesses and take the appropriate action, manage the transportation of a casualty to the nearest Hospital Accident and Emergency department as required by the circumstances, or agreed ways of working of the workplace. Syllabus (EFAW): The course contains not only theory but, Question and Answer sessions it also includes a few practical sessions to allow the candidates to gain valuable experience in a safe classroom environment.Candidates will need to be suitably dressed for the course and able to sit or lay on the floor and perform CPR Basic Life Support skills on a manikin. For 5 of more delegates this will bring the course cost per delegate down to £50.00 plus VAT.

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The business Builder Book

The Business Builder...   Plan, Develop & Build a "7" figure trades business...   •You’re a top trades-person, your boss knows it and so do all the happy clients.   •You can hear a voice telling you to start your own trades business because you know you’re worth a lot more than your current wage.   •If you’re reading this now, that voice has led you to this book.   •Maybe you’re reading this and you’re already running your trades business and things aren’t working out as well as you hoped?   I don’t know your story or your circumstance...   BUT I DO KNOW what the content of this book has done for me and I’m sure it can do the same for you!   Foreword:   WHY EVERY TRADES PERSON SHOULD GUARD THIS BOOK WITH THEIR LIVES…   I’ve helped many people write books and have written many books about wealth,I had never seen a book that clearly outlines the process of wealth creation and growth as a trades-person until I noticed the business builder. This book is truly one of a kind and will create a revolution in the trades industry ,As you read this book you will learn some simple and very practical steps to growing your income in your business.   I highly recommend Mark and this book.   - Vishal Morjaria Award-Winning Author & International Speaker   About the Author:   So let me tell you a bit about my story…   I started my first trades business when I was only 18 years old, I was a painter & decorator by trade. I quickly scaled my business to 6 figures. Although the cash flow was good and things seemed to be going to plan, the direction of my business started to change for the worse and just 2 years after starting my business failed and I closed down my company.   I couldn’t be more grateful that happened because that initial point of failure took me on a journey which has transformed me into a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7 FIGURE BUSINESS’S.   I lost millions of pounds on this journey but acquired knowledge worth BILLIONS...   The best part is I’ve packaged my entire journey into a book and I call it THE BUSINESS BUILDER.   You’re reading it right now, In this book I’ll teach you the secrets to building a sustainable 7 figure trades business, It’s not what you think and chances are your competition doesn’t know anything about what I’m about to show you.   Guard this secret with your life...  

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